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Made in the USA
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From the utilization of our heavy crane lifting capacity for the manufacture and assembly of heavy equipment to the reverse engineering of a single but critical replacement part, Kimwood's engineering, fabrication, machining, assembly and electrical control capabilities are available to assist you in your prototype, one-off or very short run manufacturing requirements. Examples of Kimwood's many and varied contract manufacturing assignments include:

  • A one-off state of the art prototype of an eight-foot sweep wind turbine for commercial and residential applications.

  • A one-off tracked mobile ground unit for cable control of a heavy lifting system utilizing a helium balloon.

  • Large, ten foot stroke, 3,000 PSI single purpose hydraulic cylinders with position indicators for lift gate control at hydro-electric dams.

  • Single purpose pneumatic cylinders for locking the drop gates on US Navy landing craft and single purpose pneumatic cylinders for tip control of smelting vats for the mining industry.

  • A one-off mobile hog unit for the reduction of wood waste at multiple operating sites.

  • Remanufacture to "as built" standards of very heavy single purpose machinery damaged by casualty or long use.

  • Reverse engineering and manufacture of critical replacement parts for single purpose machinery.

Kimwood can solve your difficult manufacturing problems. We will work with you on a fixed bid, cost plus or not to exceed basis to fit your individual situation. Below is a quick overview of each Kimwood department.

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