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Made in the USA
Made in the USA
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Kimwood Sanders

  • Dovetail Fixture Assembly
    A combination work table equipped with dove tail plates which allows for the dismantling and assembly of slide in head units when the head assembly is out of the sander. Provides a safe and desirable working height and insures proper alignment of the head unit components once assembled.

  • Contact Head Cam Spanner
    4" spanner wrench is used for adjusting the cam on the contact head for a Kimwood Smithway.

  • Combination Contact Head Cam Spanner
    3" spanner wrench is used for adjusting the cam on the contact head for a Kimwood Smithway.

  • Gearbox Crank for the Control Master
    1" square hand crank specially designed to disengage the lift system for adjustment of the Orfice Gearboxes on the Control Master Sander.

  • Pinch Roll Pressure Setting Tool
    A Porta-Power type tool used for measuring the force between the feed and pinch rolls to ensure smooth and straight panel flow through the sander.

  • Pinch Roll Height Adjust Spanner
    1 1/4" spanner wrench used for adjusting the height on the pinch rolls on the Kmiwood Smithway.

  • Pinch Roll Locknut Wrench
    2 1/2" pump wrench used for locking down the pinch roll height adjust lock nut.

  • Precision Straight Edges
    1/2" x 2" flat bar x 8 ft long that has been ground in matched pairs to a Total Indicted Runout (TIR) of .001" used for setting the deck of a sander.

Kimwood Hogs

  • Pin Puller
    This tool is used for removing sheared grate or anvil 'Shear Pins'. This device threads into the back of the Shear Pin and extracts the pin quickly and safely.

Ferrari Resaws

  • Feedworks Hand Crank
    3/4" square hand crank used for adjusting the feedworks system on the Ferrari Resaw.

Stetson-Ross Planers

  • Aluminum Straight Edges
    Available in 2-foot increments starting with 4-foot up to a maximum of 16-feet the aluminum straight edges allows for proper bedplate adjustment while protecting cutter head knives from damage.

  • Gib Screw Wrenches
    The proper tool for removing & installing cutterhead cylinder gib screws. Standard "T" handle wrenches for the popular 8-point spline or star, 5/16" & 3/8" square are available.

  • Knife Setting Gauge Assemblies
    Roller style knife setting gauges allow you to properly set your knives in the top and bottom cutterhead cylinders. Knife setting gauge assemblies are available for most Stetson-Ross Planers.

  • "T" Handle Torque Wrench and Sockets
    The proper torque wrench tool for installing gib screw. The "T" Handle Torque Wrench has 3/8" square drive. Sockets for the torque wrench in the 8-point spline, 5/16" & 3/8" square are available.

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